Learning through play

It’s amazing what children can absorb and understand while having fun! This can be both structured and supervised – and during free time when their imagination transports them to exciting new worlds.

Literacy, numeracy and science

To children this may start off as simple letters, numbers, shapes and colours. But we know these are the keys to unlocking the riches of reading and writing and understanding the world we live in.

Expressive arts and crafts

We encourage children to express their artistic talents, skills and abilities and experience the pleasure, satisfaction and rewards of making something, all their own.

Communication and language

From circle time and singing to interactive reading and engaging conversation, we encourage children to express themselves and communicate with us and each other.

Personal, social and emotional development

We instil high standards of social skills, good manners and respect for others. This develops independence and confidence helping each child to realise their individual potential.

Kitchen fun and healthy eating

We teach children about the importance of eating well to
nourish a healthy mind and healthy body. We also have lots
of fun making healthy treats – and bake a few cookies too!

When I grow up

From role play to visiting professionals, children enjoy first hand stories about real life jobs, and dress up to recreate what they’ve learned.

Arabic and Islamic studies

What a wonderful opportunity to learn about the country you’re living in. Our dedicated teacher offers a gentle introduction to the Arabic language and culture.


We never lose sight of the importance of good, old-fashioned fun. After all, they are just children!